Can Motivation Change?: Explained!

Can Motivation Change?

Key Takeaways Introduction Feeling constantly tired and unmotivated can seem like an impossible rut to escape. However, even when energy levels feel depleted, there are ways to reignite your motivation engine and overcome the desire to simply collapse. By tapping into mindset strategies, purposeful planning, environmental control, and self-care, you can find the fuel to […]

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Why is Motivation Needed?: Unlocking Your Full Potential

Why is Motivation Needed?

Key Takeaway The key takeaway is that motivation requires harnessing both internal and external drivers in harmony to be sustained long-term. Internally, adopting a growth mindset and finding purpose and meaning is crucial. Externally, setting goals, fostering relationships and optimizing environments enables motivation to thrive. However, motivation needs consistent nurturing through self-improvement, adaptability and viewing

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